Trelawny Parish Courthouse

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In 2011, the facade of the Courthouse was restored.  When Falmouth Heritage Renewal began the project began, the structure, built of local limestone block, had endured decades of deterioration from moisture and termite infestation under layers of modern latex paint.  In determining the best materials for the face lift, FHR board member, Dr. Edward Chappell, Director of Architectural and Archeological Research for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Virginia, submitted three samples of the Courthouse exterior to the Colonial Williamsburg paint analysis laboratory.  The results showed 19 generations of finishes on the Courthouse exterior since its construction. 

The first finish was a white stucco, followed by three unpigmented limewashes, a yellow limewash, a pinkish-yellow limewash, 11 treatments of yellow limewashes, and fianlly, two layers of modern cream latex paint.  Limewash is a diluted form of lime putty to which pigment may be added.  After the limestone block was repointed with lime mortar, a yellow limewash colored with yellow ochre was chosen from the analysis for the new facade, and white limewash was selected for the quoins and columns.  All lime products were manufactured by Falmouth Heritage Renewal. 

The Trelawny Parish Courthouse located in Falmouth was originally constructed in 1815. Built facing the Falmouth Harbour with its back to Water Square, the town center, it remains the town’s most imposing structure and greets guests arriving by sea with a striking welcome.  The cut limestone building houses court rooms and a town hall as well as the offices of the Trelawny Parish Council, the local governing body.  A fire in 1926 destroyed the interior of the building and the portico, which were completely reconstructed. Time and the harsh tropical climate took a severe toll on the exterior of the historic building, and eventually the windows and the facade needed serious attention.

In 2007, Falmouth Heritage Renewal completed the restoration of 21 windows on the historic Trelawny Courthouse. The metal frame windows, which were installed during the fire restoration, were replaced with triple sash windows that matched those from the building’s original construction.  Each window was reconstructed from well-cured cedar and the molding pattern used was consistent with the original moldings.