Within its first year, Falmouth Heritage Renewal began a Staff Training Program so FHR craftsmen could increase their expertise in historic preservation, and expand their knowledge and skill to become masters in their fields. Most of FHR’s workshops and seminars are held in Falmouth, but staff members have also attended training sessions sponsored by other preservation organizations in different locations. Staff training opportunities are available annually,  and   student  trainees  have access to the  FHR workshops and training sessions, as well. 

One year after FHR was founded, the first staff workshop was held in February 2002 with the purpose of rebuilding the staircase in the Baptist Manse, the first structure preserved.  Three master craftsmen and preservation experts, Russell Buskirk and Don Carpentier from the United States, and Doug Vicars from Canada, taught and worked alongside FHR’s staff and local craftsmen to rebuild the Manse staircase.  They also led a workshop to repair the interior doors at the Manse.

In March 2002, an historic preservation workshop was led by Dr. Robert Dickensheets, Professor of Historic Preservation at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Savannah, Georgia, along with eight graduate students from SCAD and local residents of Falmouth.

In July 2002, Peter Maxwell, FHR project carpenter, and Claude Knowles, project mason, attended a course on historic preservation techniques at Eastfield Village, New York. This extensive course covered a wide range of  preservation topics including paint removal, historic hardware, historic tool  marks, building techniques, the use of planes, how to make mould cutters and fabricating pieces for historic structures.

The following years to the present, one or two staff workshops each year have introduced FHR’s staff and students, as well as many local craftsman, to international experts renowned in their fields, and provided opportunities to work alongside them in FHR’s hands-on learning environment.  Workshops in all areas of historic preservation and building conservation have given FHR master craftsmen expertise in their respective fields and invaluable instruction for improving their skills and learning authentic historic techniques for restoring Falmouth’s significant structures.