Once its goal of preservation was set into motion in 2001,  Falmouth Heritage Renewal immediately established a  Youth Training Program. The training component of the mission became necessary because the area lacked tradesmen skilled in building conservation crafts.  Another force in establishing the training program was the number of youth in the Trelawny Parish who did not have the education or practical skills to become gainfully employed. 

These young men and women are bright, energetic, and extremely capable, and they want better opportunities in life.  The training program reaches out to these youth and gives them instruction in carpentry and masonry skills and crafts using traditional tools and techniques.  Not only do the students use hand tools to carve woodwork, they make multi-pane windows and doors entirely by hand.  Along with their newfound craftsmanship, the trainees learn essential life and workplace skills including how to relate to supervisors, co-workers, and customers.  FHR demands that trainees be on time, work consistently, take every opportunity to learn, and demonstrate with their conduct that they are interested in FHR’s mission.

Falmouth Heritage Renewal’s work in Falmouth provides a hands-on living laboratory for its Youth Training Program, and trainees work in closely supervised settings under the watchful eye of trainers who are master craftsmen in their fields.  Working on these significant structures not only gives the students pride in the cultural heritage of the town, but it also creates identity and ownership of the history of the place.  In addition to training, they receive a tool kit, safety attire, and a stipend.  Special projects for volunteering are also provided as the youth are encouraged to "give back" to the community. 

The Youth Training Program and the opportunities it provides are giving some youth the desire and confidence to become experts in their craft, and for many who are illiterate, to become literate, as well. To date, more than fifty young Jamaicans have participated in the open-ended training program.